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    TOWIE’s Chloe Sims puts on an eye-popping display in… James Argent puts on an animated display during night out… Gemma Collins looks sensational as she shows off her three… Amy Childs looks effortlessly chic in printed wrap dress as…

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    Casting some of those no votes were senators who raised concerns over Pompeo’s record of supporting increased government surveillance. Pompeo has supported rolling back reforms on US surveillance practices that were put in place after Edward Snowden’s leaked NSA documents revealed spy programs that caught up US residents.

    Crucially, the cast of characters who find themselves stranded on a deserted island are all teenage girls. Amazon

    Amazon’s first original young adult offering is an intriguing combination of Lost and the Breakfast Club — and it works. Each has a very different background — from spoiled rich girl to Native American — but they have to put aside their differences to survive, learning a thing or two about themselves on the way. To them, that makes fantasy life celestia even more excruciating. Things get even more dark and thrilling when Rachel Griffiths’ Gretchen Klein comes into the picture as the head of the secretive Dawn of Eve program.

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    No, absolutely nothing can go wrong with that! While it’s not as polished or deep-cutting as Black Mirror, it’s still worth a look — just grab your phone during the less gripping parts. Some pretty impressive actors stack out the cast, including David Thewlis and Michelle Fairley. The Feed is set in a futuristic London where a family develops an implant that lets people livestream their lives without needing to press a button on a phone. Amazon Studios

    The Black Mirror vibes are strong in this British series about technology gone wrong.

    Revealing she lost weight without the help of a personal gym, the girlfriend of TOWIE co-star Dan Edgar added: ‘It’s b****y amazing, i did it in my own home, no gym, no PT – Just a set of 4KG adjustable dumbbells! I’ve lost 1 stone 5 pounds! 

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    The Boys stormed Amazon last year with its ultra-violent tale of antihero vigilantes seeking revenge against the world’s most beloved superheroes.

    “We should be greatly troubled by giving power to a person who has stated flat out that he wants to expand the surveillance state, not rein it in,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont, argued to fellow legislators in the debate leading up to the vote.

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